#1 Digital vs Traditional Advertising

In this digital age, with 97% of the population online, it only makes sense to go digital. If you haven’t already, now is truly the time to start. Digital advertising has many advantages that traditional advertising simply cannot deliver.

Even Stevens

One of the most beneficial aspects of digital advertising is that it levels the playing field. Within the digital realm a small business can compete with a larger competitor even if they have a small budget, as digital advertisement is more cost effective than placing an ad in a newspaper (or TV, radio, magazines etc.) that practically any company can do it. It allows you to get your message across without breaking the bank.

In addition, digital advertising offers real time results, so you don’t have to wait days, weeks or months to see what is or isn’t working for your business. Digital advertising effectively allows you to track the number of visitors, most active times of the day, conversion rates, etc. with the simple click of a button. This allows you to quickly fix what isn’t working for optimal success performance.

Increased Brand Awareness

Digital advertising increases brand awareness, as instead of settling for a small slot in a magazine, newspaper, etc. you can build an entire website dedicated to your business that users can visit whenever they like.

Lastly, digital advertising boosts up exposure and engagement. Because traditional advertising focuses mainly on promoting your product locally, digital advertisement allows your products to be seen anywhere in the world no matter what size your business is.

To have this level of exposure through a traditional advertisement would cost a fortune. In addition, it generates more engagement, as prospective clients can take action, be directed to visit your website, read about your products, rate them, comment, message etc. easily and at any time of the day.

One of the most remarkable aspects of digital advertising is that it is universal and any business, person, no matter size, age, etc. can afford and thrive from digital marketing. It is inclusive of all businesses and give everyone a chance!

Lead Generation

Digital advertising is the ideal platform for lead generation. For starters, lead generation is exactly how it sounds, the spark of consumer interest and engagement with your product, company, or just overall services. Lead generation is the foundation of all advertising and is what each website, social media post, or email strives for.

A simple dialogue or interaction is one of the best methods to initiate leads, and this can be achieved through a social media ad post regarding the product, service, etc. A paid social media ad will not only appear in a potential consumer’s news feed, but will allow that consumer to comment or ask a question thus sparking a dialogue.

With traditional advertising a comment or dialogue is much more difficult to initiate and holds a greater chance of one-way statements and disinterest with a product.

PPC ads is another method that will help skyrocket your leads!

PPC, Paid Per Click, ads place your service, business, products, etc. at the TOP of a Google search. With the use of keywords these PPC ads are highly effective for generating a lead and interest in your service. In addition, with the simple click of a button a potential customer can view your website and see all the services you offer.

With traditional marketing, you take a gamble hoping that a customer who is looking for your service will see your billboard or radio ad. Whereas with digital marketing you can guarantee that a person seeking your service will see your ad, as it allows you to make your business and services more accessible

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