#2 - Reach to Connect with Social Media Marketing

As simple as it may seem, having a strong social media presence can make or break your business.

With Google 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses, and with 3.2 billion people using the internet worldwide, it makes sense to get your name out there digitally.

One of the biggest benefits of having a social media presence is trust. In our contemporary society, customers and users lose trust when a business isn't online or on social media (as everything and everyone is online in 2018) and as a result can hinder your sales.

A social media on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube LinkedIn & Pinterest presence personifies your business and allows you to interact with customers as a friend, as well as a business, helping to build trust and loyal customers.

In addition, a social media platform allows you to communicate with your clients directly, whether that is via email, Facebook Messenger, Bots or Direct Messages, etc. It also helps attract new customers, as strong visuals, competitions, quality copy will catch the eye of a user and bring them in wanting to learn more. Once you have your customers, then social networks (and a beautifully designed website) will allow you to tell them in detail why your product is number one and why they should be using yours.

In a nutshell, if you want to spread word about your services, locally, nationally or even internationally it is essential you develop a strong online social presence. The saying ‘If you don’t have a social network profile, you may as well not exist’ holds ample truth when it comes to advertising.

Invest in Growth


Initially the idea of paying money for a social network seems contradictory and perhaps useless, however paid social ad’s are where you can generate the most exposure and make all the difference.

Unpaid Facebook posts only have the potential to reach those who have already liked your page, and only about 1-5% will ever visit your business page or to go your website outside of your current customers, making an organic-only approach useless in the long run.

A paid social ad strategy is what allows your content to be viewed by a specific audience (or several audiences). A paid social advertising campaign allows you the ability to promote an ad towards a pool of specific people and can boost your ad to reach more people than an organic ad ever would be able to. It is these ads that really increase brand awareness, entice sales and offer viewers an array of ways to interact with your company, engage in competitions and giveaways, etc.

With Facebook alone having 1.9 billion unique users per month, it would be a shame and loss to limit your brand awareness & business growth without making social media a significant element in your marketing strategy.

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