#3 - Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a sure-fire way to promote engagement, brand awareness, and overall leads. Email marketing is the outlet that allows business to encourage members to sign up, look further, share the word, and generate dialogue all while at a low cost.

Compared to organic Facebook posting, 90% of customers receive the intended emails in their inbox, whereas only 1-5% will view an unpaid Facebook post. This means that if you were to send 5000 emails, 4500 will view the email, making your email 45% more likely to be viewed than unpaid Facebook ad. *see our blog on paid advertising campaigns which guarantee reach HERE

In addition, email recipients have specifically signed up, given their email address and want to hear what you have to say, therefore they are more receptive to messages and allow you to direct a conversation.

This being said, it is essential to combine your email marketing in combination with other digital advertising platforms to optimise your brand awareness and reach. At #AdSocial we recommend combining email marketing with paid advertisements of Facebook and/or Instagram.

Did you know that the software the team at #AdSocial use for email marketing can also:

  • Measure the amount of leads you are getting vs. not getting - Using web analytics software allows you to test out different layouts or designs that are more favourable to your customers. You can also track how many people register after getting your email, vs. not!
  • Compare your results to competitors in your industry - There are email benchmark reports available that can offer a great opportunity for improvement so you can beat your competitors.
  • Save more time - Through automation you can set up an automatic email sent to a customer via the click of a button on your website. All you have to do is just develop the template and all the rest of the work will be take out so you can focus on other tasks.
  • Scale the size - Email marketing allows you to target any size audience, whether it is small or large so you can target exactly who you want!
  • Increase sales and build brand awareness - Via email marketing a customer can click a simple link and the latest promotion can appear, making it easier to find sales and engage with it. It addition, the ability for an email to be forwarded from one customer to another helps build brand/business awareness via word of mouth (which is one of the most beneficial methods to build awareness).
  • Save the planet - Well not exactly, but because email marketing is all digital it helps save paper and aids one step to saving our environment.

Reach to Connect; paid advertising campaigns which guarantee reach -> read here

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