#4 - Reconnect & Re-Engage

Digital advertising allows you to re-engage with old customers and leads in a way that traditional advertising doesn’t allow. Paid Facebook ads, reminder emails, pop up ads, or messenger broadcasts. allows you to ask reinforce your brand and generate sales.

An online presence by way of a website or social media pages help businesses re-engage web visitors better than ever before. Social media platforms from Google, to Facebook, Instagram or similar all have information about their users’ demographics, likes, interests, behaviours, etc. all of which you can use to target an audience and understand how to reach out to those customers on their terms, making them more likely to be interested in your product.

Did a prospect stop and watch your Facebook video?  The longer they watched, the more interested in your offering they are. Let’s reach these people with a targeted ad.

Or perhaps, they visited your website and adding items to the shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase? Let us set up an automated email reminder for them to visit your website again. Or how about we show them the items they selected from your website and we’ll remind them to buy now in amongst their Facebook newsfeed.

Codes are placed on your website, that can also present real-time data on which products or services are most appealing to your target audience. Of which the team at #AdSocial can review, to develop a refined remarketing ad strategy that closes the deal and takes a lead to the bottom of the sales funnel for a quick and streamlined conversion.

  • Google Remarketing: website traffic
  • Facebook Remarketing: website traffic, page traffic, post/ad engagement, old customer databases
  • Instagram Remarketing: website traffic, page traffic, post/ad engagement, old customer databases

MailChimp Remarketing:

MailChimp and email marketing is a strong method for retargeting old customers. MailChimp is simply an email marketing tool that allows you to send emails to thousands of clients at once. It helps you create and manage emails, letters and automate emails. In addition, MailChimp allows you to collect and monitor leads.

MailChimp is easy to use as allows you to customise your templates, whether they are for a newsletter, email, etc.

 MailChimp’s analytics technology is ideal for remarketing as it allows you to track the progress of an email campaign. Because of its ability to track who unsubscribed, you can easily create an email/newsletter template that is directed towards those customers. You can ask why they unsubscribed? What we can do better? or whatever fits. In addition, MailChimp allows you to divide up your email list into segmented groups, allowing only a certain pool of people to receive a specific email, so you can send a follow up email to the un-subscribers with ease. MailChimp’s automation allows specific emails to be sent to customers based on other sign up forms, website views, etc.

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