Advanced Voiceover Masterclass

This is an advanced level course for those who have already completed Voiceover Intensive and Industry Insights (or who have equivalent professional experience). Participants will hone their style and finish the course with a wide range of quality recorded tracks. This is an essential step towards the production of a professionally produced demo reel.

Over three evenings, we will:

  • Cover different commercial styles including hard, soft and sexy: natural, character and acting; corporate narration and documentary.
  • Identify and deliver a high turnover of commercial reads to professional standard.
  • Record, playback and direct you in real-time to get you industry-ready.
  • Open up your voice and extend your range using vocal exercises that translate to the booth so you can adapt your voice to suit the script.

Cost: $ $XXX +GST.

Produce your Demo – 1:1 studio session (optional)

For those that have completed the Advanced Voiceover Masterclass, this (optional) two-hour individual session will focus on fine-tuning your recordings and turning them into a professionally produced demo. Using the tracks recorded in the Advanced Masterclass, we will select and order your tracks, mix them with sound effects and music, and produce a first-class demo reel ready to publish to your website and showcase your talents to the world!

Cost: $ xxx +GST