Instagram Advertising

With 5 million Australians already using this unique platform, Instagram is one of the fasted growing social networks. Being a visual platform, it is perfect for brands with a strong product focus. If you’re in the food, fashion, travel, art or design industry and looking to increase your brand awareness, showcase your products and inspire your audience.

Instagram has great potential to influence purchasing decisions. Using our Blended Social Media approach #AdSocial can help you find the perfect mix of content to capture your audience and convert them to customers without the need for a hard push or sales pitch.

Here’s why you want your brand to be seen there:

  • It’s a mobile-based social network so your customers can engage with your brand wherever they are
  • It’s ideal for giving your customers a bird’s eye view of your organisation, team, products and services
  • It’s owned by Facebook which means it seamlessly integrates with the world’s largest social media platform

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