Conversations 2020: 4 Tactics to Accelerate Your
Paid Advertising Campaigns on Facebook

For this year, the world’s #1 Chat Marketing Conference went virtual. Conversations 2020’s 3-day conference was packed with over 30 speakers from an array of disciplines.

#AdSocial was invited to speak at Conversations 2020 about ways to skyrocket your paid social media advertising campaign results. Our founder and director Amberlea Henriques gave 4 actionable tactics to accelerate your paid advertising campaigns on Facebook.


Before you begin any social media advertising campaign you should be researching your competitors who are targeting the same demographic as you. Look at their ads. What copy are they using? What is their call-to-action? What is their primary offer?

The easiest way to do this is through Facebook’s page transparency feature.

To access this:

1. Go onto your competitors Facebook page

2. Scroll down to the Page Transparency side menu and click ‘See All’

3. Then scroll down and click on ‘Got to Ad Library’

The ad library will show you all the ads that page is currently running.


When your ad reaches the auction, Facebook’s algorithm has 3 key considerations. Your maximum bid, estimated action rate, & your ad quality.

The estimated action rate and ad quality both affect the ad’s relevancy score, an ad with a high relevancy score can beat an ad with a higher max bid at auction. Or in Facebook’s words…

More relevant ads often cost less and see more results. In other words, an ad that is relevant to a person could win an auction against ads with higher bids”

So how do you check your ad’s relevancy score?

  1. Facebook Business Manager
  2. Ad Level
  3. Custom Tab
  4. Ad Relevance Diagnostics
  5. Select ‘Quality ranking’, ‘Engagement rate ranking’, & ‘conversion rate ranking’

You should strive for an ‘average’ or ‘above average’ score in each of these categories.

Here’s a bonus pro tip to drive ad relevancy.

  1. Split test your campaign at Ad Level (Video Vs Image, Copy 1 vs Copy 2 etc.)
  2. Run it for one week to see which ad variation is the standout winner.
  3. Turn off any of the underperforming variations.
  4. Then push every other ad set toward the top performing ad.

Doing this means you are still targeting different audience groups, but you are pushing all your spend toward the ONE ad. That one ad gets all the likes, comments, shares, and clicks toward your bot. This tells the algorithm that what you are advertising is getting abundant traffic. This increases your quality score, and your engagement rate simultaneously.

*Remember: The higher your relevancy rates – the less you will pay in auctions*

#3 – REACH

You’ve already seen how important the ad relevancy score is, and presumably you already know how important your reach is. More reach = more impressions and hopefully more results!

But how do you reach more people without using any more ad spend?

Add an “Invite Friends” button to your bot flow. This button will prompt the user to share the ad to their newsfeed or story. This will drive user engagement which extends reach AND improves the relevancy score.


Unlike any other ad objective, a click to message campaign has added value from the ability to subscribe a user to engage in one-on-one communications with you.

This has value. Make sure you are reporting that value when you report your ROAS.

Report Cost per Prospect = Amount of Ad Spend / Amount of Bot Subscribers

A conversion is much harder than a conversation, but a conversation is more valuable than a conversion.

People don’t want to give you contact details until they trust you or want what you are offering. It’s the conversation that is valuable to them, the conversion will come later.

Remember to focus on metrics that showcase the full return on investment.

We created a CHEAT checklist that will give you the tips on what you need to optimise if any of those metrics need improving. Please head to our Facebook page and send us a message with the words ‘CHEAT’ to receive the checklist.

You can also watch Amberlea’s full presentation below.

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