Email Marketing

Own your own sales channel

One of the most cost effective marketing tools that is

easy to manage, gives you full control 

and allows you to establish direct contact with your customers

  • Use A/B testing functions to test up to 3 variations for each design and send out the winning campaign. This helps you learn something new about your customers every time you send a campaign.
  • Create and schedule automated emails that follow up on purchases, nurture leads and provide product recommendations to your customers
  • Send trigger emails based on signups, website views, newsletter signups and more
  • Monitor actions taken from receiving an email campaign and implement ongoing strategies to re-engage your audience based on the actions performed.
  • Segment your email list by signup date, location, purchase activity, and much more so we can keep the communication flow on point with each contacts unique relationship to your business
  • Connect your shopping cart to our email marketing account so we can track online orders, set up automated messaging and generate more revenue from your campaigns.

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